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Every day we celebrate a new pregnancy or a new birth, one of the most epic experience at our office is when we can have in our arms a new born. We count for hundreds since we start to give our love and hope in every session to all who are facing fertility challenges.

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Here you will find testimonials that have been sent in from our clients. We hope these stories help to inspire and build hope for you on your journey to become a happy and sweet parent.  [ Read the  Disclaimer  here ]


We are blessed to find Best Fertility Massage, Leah and David Ortiz are very professional , with a blessed hands and posses a  big heart, I felt love and peace since my first appoinment, my doctor suggest to look for holistic care when I was faced recurrent miscarriages and tilted uterus. We know that the Sobada Maya, Orsal Therapy  and  Leah's holistic care advice was a key to achieve a happy triple birth.

Mom of healthy and happy triplets

Houston,TX (August 2017)

I'am glad to find Best Fertility Massage to prepare for my IVF, I got pregnant and we expect delivery for January 2017.


Katy,TX (January 2017)

Facing endometriosis stage 4 and fourteen years trying conceive, my best friend talk to me about Leah and Best Fertility Massage.  Last thanksgiving day my beautiful princess born full of health and joy. 


Katy,TX (January 2017)

Diagnosed and medicated for Diabetes Mellitus more than twenty years and after 16 years trying to conceive I got it !   I came to Best Fertility Massage to receive Sobada Maya several times and the ORSAL Therapy, I decided took all suggestions from Leah and David such drink some teas, use of special blend of essential oils and a womb cleanse,  six months later I got pregnant, my baby is one year old now and we are trying again and this time without any problem.


Katy, TX

After miscarriage I got a blocked tubes, we came to Best Fertility Massage for the Maya Massage and Orsal Therapy, Leah teach me how to make a home care therapy during five months. My baby boy born 8 pounds.


San Antonio,Tx (April 2014)

After four miscarriages a friend of mine recommend me Best Fertility Massage, I love their support and encouragement  because I came with not faith and very depressed due my baby lost, I tried a lot of sobadas before but when Leah and Dave work on me I felt something was moved inside me, I took all their advice and now I am in my last trimester with a very happy and healthy pregnancy. 


Pensacola, Fl  (Oct 2014)

After 16 years trying to conceive I got it ! We came to Best Fertility Massage to receive Sobada Maya several times, Leah suggest to me to take some tea and the use of some essential oils, womb cleanse, six months later I got pregnant, my baby is one year old now and we are trying again.  


Katy, TX

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