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Fertility Detox Massage by Best Fertility Massage

Fertility Detox Massage (Manual Comprehensive Lympatic Drainage) is recommended to enhance the fertility in male and female body.  Fertility Experts from all the world recommend for all women and men that are facing fertility challenges, preparing for fertility treatment and following miscarriage.

The lymphatic system plays a key role in the circulation of hormones. If the lymphatic system it is not functioning well, this can delay the circulation of fertility hormones causing severe disruption the woman’s cycle and the men overall ability to conceive.

For a woman a course of Fertility Detox Massage has been to have shown to be highly beneficial to estrogen levels which stimulate the production of luteinizing hormone (LH) which in turn stimulates ovulation.

In relation to increase the fertility in women specifically, The Body Detox Massage can help with the following:

  • Balancing hormones and regulating a woman’s periods

  • Boosting the performance of the immune system

  • Detoxifying the body of excess of estrogens and xenoestrogens

  • Detoxifying the body of pesticides and heavy metals

  • Detoxifying the liver, spleen and the pelvic area

  • Improve the blood circulation specially in the abdomen and pelvic area

  • Abdominal and legs inflammation relief

  • Relieving fluid congestion

  • Helping with PMS symptoms


During pregnancy the treatment helps to:

  • Boost the immune system

  • Alleviate swelling in the legs and ankles

  • Improve the quality of sleep

  • Minimize and reduce stretch marks

  • Relieve painful breasts

Benefits for Men

In relation to improve the sperm quality specifically, Our Fertility Detox Massage protocol can help with the following :

  • Detoxifying the body 

  • Relieving fluid congestion

  • Boosting the performance of the immune system

  • Increasing the energy production in the liver

  • Reduce the inflammation 

  • Balancing the hormones and testosterone level

  • Detoxifying the body of "bad" and excess of estrogen circulating in the body

  • Enhance the sperm counting, motility and morphology

Manual Comprehensive Lymphatic Drainage is a highly specialised massage technique involving a gentle palpation of the skin, working on the connective tissue and stimulating the lymph flow. One of the benefits of this treatment is aimed at removing toxins from the body and therefore may be useful at the start of a  pre-conception treatment as a detoxifiying treatment. The lymph system is a key factor in the immune system, acting as the body's waste disposal system, clearing away toxins, cell debris and bacteria.

Our Fertility Detox Massage protocol is performed for a certified specialist that add special attention to the areas of special need to assist to remove blockages in the system by focusing on the groin area where many lymph nodes are located in order to assist the blood supply to the pelvic area.

Inmune problems are increasingly believed to be a contribuiting factor in many of the fertility challenges that in our modern life couples are facing particularly in this new area of Reproductive immunology where a number of antibody issues may be investigated. This can often be costly and require invasive treatments. Ultimate Fertility Massage and Fertilty Detox Massage may be useful alternative and integrative if one is looking for a natural non-invasive route or IVF and IUI fertilization method, by balancing the hormones and antibody ouput and detoxifiying the body.

If you are thinking about pre-conception, naturally or assisted come to Best Fertilty Massage for a Fertility Detox Massage.


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