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Maryen : A determined woman.

Best Fertility Massage share a successful story of a PCOS women.

Maryen is a woman in her late 20's with big health issues such PCOS, Diabetes Mellitus, Hypothyroidism who was facing recurrent miscarriages in the last 3 years. This is an encouraging story to tell.

After several failed fertility protocols, she decided to receive an all natural and holistic fertility care at "Herbs by Leah", where recommended was some fertility massages. She did not hesitate to schedule some fertility massage sessions with us in the Best Fertility Massage.

She said the inflammation decrease in her lower tummy since the first Sobada Maya session, she followed for five more sessions until the period started. She decided to take a few days resting and relaxed at home. She came back to the next visit and she reported that all the annoying symptoms of each menstrual cycle such as large blood clots, pain and inflammation had not been felt at all.

After five days the menstrual blood flow stopped int that cycle. She continued with her holistic care with an Orsal Therapy, in addition to doing self-care at home and a hot therapy with castor oil packs.

She was so excited about her therapies and the amazing results she was having that she repeated them (Sobada Maya and Orsal Therapy) at least three sessions every month until she started ovulating, that's when she focused a lot on her lifestyle and nutrition to try a new pregnancy.

One thing that I love about her is that every time she came to a Sobada Maya just before starting the massage she asked us recite a powerful prayer to Jesus Christ asking that everything we did was for the best and that she would get a pregnancy with a happy ending. She meant with every intention to have the baby in her arms.

After a few months of coming to her therapies and following the natural fertility recommendations that she had at Herbs by Leah , she became pregnant. Today when we were arriving at the office in the first hour of the day she was already there, waiting for us with a big smile and a beautiful belly; she told us "Good morning friends, I come to visit you and ask you to say a prayer to thank God for my twenty weeks of happy and healthy pregnancy."

Friends of Best Fertility Massage I can truly say : For all the testimonies we have every day is that I am filled with joy and enthusiasm to come to our office and give my best. Each Fertility Massage, each Sobada Maya (belly massage), each ORSAL THERAPY session is for me so special and important, because I know how powerful it is to work with love and faith.

God is good!

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