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How we work :


  1.  Contact us to reserve the session.

  2.  Make your payment using this site.

Our Policy :

  • Cancelations without charge allowed with a least one day prior to appointment. Refund upon cancelation.

  • No Shows : $ 60 dollars Fee.

  • Re-Schedule or Cancelations available without any charge with a least 24 hours prior to appointment.

  • We offer "cash back"  or "Instant Rebate" when you pay your session at least 4 days prior appointment for our ORSAL Therapy, Detox Therapy, Ultimate Fertility Massage and Fertility Detox Massage only.

  • Herbs by Leah (Natural Fertility)  clients can make the appointment with us directly but the session fee should be payed to HBL  to honor the price. 

Ultimate Fertility Massage

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Product Details

The Ultimate Fertility Massage this is one of the most beautiful therapies we offer at Best Fertility Massage, this unique massage protocol include individualized visualizations and silent prayers during the session, The Ultimate Fertility Massage protocol use castor oil packs, reflexology and craned-sacral touching.

What to expect during The Ultimate Best Fertility Massage ?

A relaxing castor oil pack and instructions on how to create and use a pack at home for cleaning the digestive system and dissolving adhesions, cyst.

Calming and centering cranial-sacral holds for balancing.

Integrative Reflexology® for fertility, stimulating reproductive areas, endocrine glands and the digestive system.

Deep pelvic work to break up adhesions and increase blood to all pelvic organs.

Shiatsu points to increase the chi (energy) through the reproductive areas.

Fertility wisdom -includes knowledge about timing and awareness for potential conception.

Specific aromatherapy for optimal hormonal functioning

Visualization techniques for tuning in and opening up the conception channel

It is best not to receive this work when menstruating or possibly pregnant. Please discuss with your therapist the best timing for appointments.

Note :Regular Price $225.00 per person. Please add 2 into your cart for a couple. If you pay 4 days in advance we will give you $ 15 dls back in cash as Instant rebate per person.

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